Westside Business Association of Long Beach

AMENDED AGENDA for In-Person and Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting info:  Annie Greenfeld is inviting you to a scheduled WBALB meeting.

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Meeting Date: January 18, 2023 @ 5:15 pm in-person meeting and Zoom meeting

Meeting Location:     Neill Aircraft

1260 W. 15th Street

Long Beach, CA 90813

  • West Division Update – Officer Janie Cozine
  • 7th District Update: – Sean Bernhoft

  • Top 3 Issues for WBALB
    • Homeless/RV parking
    • Truck/Trailer Parking
    • Enforcement of no parking signs and increase in fines

  • What are the businesses’ most important issue that interferes with your business operations?

  • What is your biggest safety concern?

  • How would you go about requesting that these be accomplished?

  • Election of Officers – PLEASE make sure we have a quorum.

To save you time, you can just skip forward to the 30-minute mark on YouTube.


Mayor’s Plan: https://longbeach.gov/globalassets/mayor/media-library/documents/mayor-rex-richardson-100-day-plan—opportunity-beach

  • Review 2022 Membership Drive and Update on Donations received and membership update

  1. Public comment

Next meeting:  February 15, 2023 at 5:15 pm – Location to be announced.

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