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City Departments

Emergency Dispatch – 911

Non-emergency Dispatch – 562-435-6711

North Division (information Only) – 562-570-9800

David Khorram, Superintendent of Building & Safety 562-570-7713 [email protected]

Oscar Orci, Deputy Director | 562-570-6369 [email protected]

Linda Tatum, AICP, Planning Manager


[email protected]

Engineering & Development Service Counter 


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 562-570-2419

[email protected]

Long Beach Initiatives

roberto uranga 7th dist councilmember
Councilmember Roberto Uranga

Councilmember Roberto Uranga, Long Beach 7th District

Chief of Staff:
Sean Bernhoft

Field Deputy:
Briana De Anda

Field Deputy:
Natalie Ruiz

Map of 7 Districts in Long Beach

Long Beach, CA Council District Map

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GO Long Beach is an App that is designed to provide Long Beach, CA residents, businesses, and visitors the opportunity to access City Hall, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere. You will be able to quickly submit service requests for issues such as graffiti, potholes and sign damage.  iPhone users can simply open the App, select an issue, take a picture, and tap submit – the App knows the exact location and sends the issue directly to city staff. You will also be able to track the status of your requests through your iPhone. Submit service requests via computer to GO Long Beach


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Long Beach, CA – Today, Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson hosted the inaugural Grow Long Beach presentation, formerly known as “Building a Better Long Beach,” where he shared insights on future economic development opportunities across emerging business sectors and industries that are instrumental to Long Beach’s future. This year’s presentation, which took place at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Honda Pacific Vision Theater, drew hundreds of regional and national leaders from commercial and private investors, entrepreneurs, labor organizations and community stakeholders.

Read more – Press Release

The mission of the Economic Development Department is to create economic opportunities for workers, investors, and entrepreneurs. Economic Development staff are here to help you connect with:

·        Business financial assistance and loans

·         Unemployment Insurance Application

·         Worker Resources

·         Free virtual business advisors and consultation

          •     ‘Safer at Home’ Order (business closure information)



Contact the Business Hotline and Call Center at 562-570-4BIZ (4249) daily between 8:00AM – 5:00PM.




The Recovery programs that are currently live and ready for enrollment and participation.
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The grant opportunities for businesses, nonprofits, or artists that are available for application as well as technical assistance for application.
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Current, past, and future contracting opportunities for community-based organizations and other businesses to partner with the City to deliver Recovery programs.
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Pacific Gateway is the region’s public workforce agency dedicated to helping youth and adults find quality employment, and assisting businesses connect to a skilled workforce.


Adult Services

Pacific Gateway provides services to thousands of adults each year through three career centers. These services are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. The first step in connecting to the best possible job is to meet with a Program Specialist, or utilize the Resource Center at one of Pacific Gateway’s centers.

Job Search Assistance

Many job seekers have a strong sense of what job they are seeking and have relevant experience in their chosen field of work. For these individuals, we help them find the right job opportunity by providing access to computers and office equipment, tips on effective job searches, help in uploading resumes and responding to job postings, as well as labor market information to help identify what areas of the economy are growing.

Skills Development

There are a number of skills development workshops offered to help you prepare for your next job. These workshops include resume development, writing and math skills, information about career change, computer skills, and other helpful information. 


Pacific Gateway provides access to training in specific areas to help individuals gain the skills they need to secure their next job. While funds are limited, opportunities are still available. To find out more, ask to see a Program Specialist.




SBDC Counselors are industry experts that have signed on to apply their expertise in assisting our clients. Counseling is divided into to general areas, core counseling services which are basic to all businesses and specialized counseling for unique business needs.


Other City Resources

(562) 570-2665

(562) 570-2600

562-570-PETS (7387)

(562) 570-LBDS (5237) x3

The Long Beach Development Permit Center can provide the necessary guidelines, procedures, and assistance to help you complete your project. Contact the Long Beach Development Permit Center


Contacts: CLICK HERE 

Resources: CLICK HERE 


2022 Year in Review Reports:



(562) 570-2773
Leave your name, address, daytime phone number, and the exact location of graffiti on your property. After we have your written consent to remove graffiti from the property, a licensed painting contractor or volunteers will remove the graffiti within about two weeks. Every effort will be made to match colors, but the cleaned, processed, or coated area may not match precisely.

Free Paint Program for property owners choosing to remove the graffiti themselves; a Graffiti Removal Program: professional Paint Contractor for perfect paint match; misdemeanor offenders performing community service by removing graffiti; Graffiti Prevention Landscape Program with anti graffiti-deterrent vines and shrubs for walls and fences attractive to graffiti vandals; and a Graffiti Hotline for citizens to report “graffiti sightings” or request free paint. 



Addressing issues related to community members who are experiencing homelessness is a top priority of the City of Long Beach. The City has an active Interdepartmental Team that works together to develop solutions on the road to solving the overall issue of homelessness. The Team also creates procedures or protocols for the Interdepartmental Street Team and works collectively to address issues. Representatives from the Office of the City Manager, Homeless Services (Health Department), Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works, Parks, Recreation and Marine, the City Attorney’s Office, the City Prosecutor’s Office, Library Services and Economic Development all participate in the Interdepartmental Team.


Routes that operate in Bixby Knolls:

61, 101, 103



562-570-4126 (press 4)

Parking Meter Schedule

Read your meter. If your parking meter is labeled that it is exempt or not enforced on Holidays, then parking meter citations will not be issued on the following days only:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Election Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

(562) 570-2270 or (562) 435-6711
after-hours or weekends.
For City parks, call (562) 570-4895 or
(562) 570-3101 after-hours or on weekends.

To View Penal Code 602, CLICK HERE

DLBA is encouraging businesses and property owners to sign up for the No Trespassing Program, which authorizes patrol officers to engage trespassers on private property (parking lots, patios, parklets) without the presence of an owner or property representative on site and to effect an arrest upon their refusal to leave or upon return. This authorization is particularly important during the graveyard shift when it is unlikely that an owner or property representative can be reached. 

Click here to read the steps required to participate in the program and to download associated documents. 

To participate, business/property owners must take the following steps: 

1. Purchase and post Penal Code 602 No Trespassing signs, which are available at Ace Hardware located at 4th Street and Olive Avenue in Downtown. Post signs in a visible location where they cannot be torn down. 

2. Download and sign this form allowing LBPD to make a private person’s arrest on their behalf. 

3. Send the completed form to LBPD South Division Community Outreach Liaison, Jericho Balderian, at [email protected] along with confirmation that the signs have been installed.


LBPD will visit the business to take pictures confirming signage for their files. A business or property will be entered into LBPD South Division’s database for patrol officers to access in the field. LBPD South Division will keep the form on file for one year. However, owners are encouraged to continue notifying LBPD (via 911 or 562-435-6711) of any trespassing and/or vandalism not observed by LBPD at the time and include whether there is video. Should owners have any technical questions about the No Trespassing Program or signage, please do not hesitate to contact Balderian at [email protected] or 562-570- 7578. And as always, owners with any questions about DLBA’s Clean and Safe program may contact DLBA COO, Broc Coward, at [email protected] or (562) 485-1080.


The Public Works Department handles the maintenance of all traffic signals, parking meters, street markings and signs (red, white, green and yellow curbs). The Public Works Department also places curb markings and/or appropriate signs to indicate parking regulations as described in the Municipal Code 10.26.020. Where no curb exists, markings may be painted upon most appropriate surface or signs may be placed instead of or in addition to such markings and/or signs have been installed and are in place, it shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to stop, stand or park and vehicle in violation of any such markings and/or sign.

 Yellow Curb Markings

Indicates stopping only for the purpose of loading or unloading passengers or freight for a period of not in excess of two (2) minutes for passenger loading or unloading. The words “LOADING ZONE” shall be stenciled on the yellow paint or appropriate signs may be posted. This restriction shall apply only between seven o’clock (7:00) A.M. and six o’clock (6:00) P.M. on any day except Sundays and holidays. No one such loading zone shall exceed thirty five feet (35′) in length.

 White Curb Markings

Stopping only for loading or unloading of passengers or depositing mail in an adjacent mailbox or, when stenciled ‘TAXICAB STAND”, for the standing of taxicabs or automobiles for hire. No person shall use a white zone for a period in excess of two (2) minutes except that taxicabs or automobiles for hire at taxicab stands are exempted from this limit.

 Green Curb Markings

Parking limited to a time from ten (10) to thirty (30) minutes, as determined by the traffic engineer for a particular location or locations, between nine o’clock (9:00) A.M. and six o’clock (6:00) P.M. of any day, except Sundays and holidays. A legend containing the applicable time limitation followed by the words “MIN. PARKING” shall be stenciled on the green, or appropriate signs may be posted.

 Red Curb Markings

Red curb markings have been installed and are in place, no operator shall stop or park any vehicle for any purpose at any time except that bus may stop in a red zone marked or sign posted as a bus stop as provided in section 10.26.040. Red zones, other than bus zones shall not exceed one hundred fifty feet (150′), or one-half (1/2) block in length, whichever is less. Red curb markings may be used to supplement or in place of signs prohibiting stopping. 

To apply for a red tip curb, please review and complete the Driveway Red Tip Application. For questions or to check on the status of your request, please call (562) 570-6331.

 Blue Curb (Disabled Parking) Markings

Disabled Parking Zones are installed upon request; such designated zones on public property are not reserved for the applicant. Any motorist who displays a valid disabled parking placard or appropriate disabled person license plate may park in any disabled parking spaced located on public property.

Any person who has been issued a special identification license plate pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 22511.55 or 22511.59 may submit an application to the City for the designation of an on-street parking space as a parking space reserved for disabled persons.

Section 10.34.025 of the Long Beach Municipal Code requires that a disabled zone applicant certify that no existing on street or off street parking space meets his or her parking needs. Section 4 of the application provides an opportunity for you to make such a certification by explaining why available parking near your home is not adequate.

Applications without a reasonable explanation or certification will be denied. Incomplete applications will delay processing. Disabled zones installed on public property upon approval of an application, are not reserved for the applicant. Any motorist who displays a valid disabled parking placard or appropriate disabled person license plate may park in any disabled parking space on public property.

Although the City strives to install disabled parking zones in a timely manner, the physical installation of such zones may be delayed from time to time due to other urgencies.

 To apply, please review and complete the On-Street Disabled Parking Application. For questions or to check on the status of your request, please call (562) 570-6331.


Street sweeping parking regulations are meant to keep vehicles off the street so that street sweeping services can be more effective. Parking regulations are clearly posted, and are enforced throughout the year except on the following days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Election Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Please Note: Red, white and blue curbs are always enforced, even on holidays.

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